How often should I reapply?
Shake well and apply liberally every 2 hours for ticks and 1 ½ hours for mosquitoes (or as needed). Sweat and vigorous activity can raise your co2 levels making you tastier to dangerous biting insects or if you are in an area of dense populations of ticks and mosquitoes, you may need to reapply more often. Our efficacy results from a third party lab proved that TickWise is 100% effective for ticks at 2 hours and mosquitoes at 1.75 hours, when used as directed.
Is there an expiration date?
Two years if kept in a cool dark place. However, we recommend replacing every year if you keep TickWise in your car or outside on a patio, deck, porch etc.. Heat and sunlight will degrade the oils making them less effective over time.
Can TickWise be used safely on dogs and horses?
Yes! Not only is TickWise safe for humans but TickWise is safe for your dogs and horses too! We always suggest that you check with your veterinarian before you use any repellents on your dog or horse. And we always suggest keeping your dogs on an vet prescribed tick control medication.
How do I apply to my dog?
Some dogs don’t mind being sprayed directly (avoiding the face of course) and some prefer to have the product rubbed on. If your dog doesn’t like being sprayed, we recommend spraying onto your hands or spraying TickWise on a bandana and rubbing down your dogs legs, belly, back, neck etc.. An added bonus with the bandana is that you can then tie the bandana around your dog’s neck wich helps to protect their face, ears, eyes ect, as ticks natural behavoir is to crawl up.*Note some dogs, just like humans, have sensitive skin. We suggest doing a small test patch on your dog first to check for irritation. If irritation occurs, discontinue use and wash off with soap and water.
I heard that peppermint oil is toxic to Dogs?
All essential oils have the potential for dangerous side effects if not used properly. TickWise by 3 Moms Organics adheres to the all EPA guidelines and is a proudly registered natural repellent in all 50 states. Our product contains a diluted and safe amount of peppermint that is not only safe for humans but dogs and horses too. Many commercially available products that are regulated by either the EPA or FDA contain peppermint. We use it on our dogs daily! In an abundance of caution, we suggest doing a small test patch on your dogs before applying any repellent to check for irritation.
How do I apply TickWise to my horse?
Just like you would your dog, we recommend either spraying directly on your horse (avoiding the face) or spraying onto your hand or cloth and rubbing down your horse's belly and legs. Just like humans, sometimes horses have sensitive skin, we recommend doing a small test patch to check first. We made our 32 ounce “Workhorse” with a heavy sprayer for both horse and rider. We knew our horse community needed/wanted a larger size. We always suggest that you check with your veterinarian before you use any repellents on your dog or horse.
Can I use the products on my infant?
Even though our product is made with all natural essential oils with little to no age restrictions, we recommend that you do not use ANY repellents directly on an infant’s skin. Instead we recommend that you spray their hats, pants, socks and shoes. DO NOT SPRAY ON THE HANDS OF ANY CHILD. Children tend to put their hands in and mouth and rub their eyes. Some children may have very delicate skin and may have a sensitivity to some essential oils. If you decide to use repellent on very small children, we suggest that you first seek the advice of your child's medical professional. If you do use it on your child and irritation occurs, please discontinue use and wash with soap and water.
Is this safe to use during pregnancy?
For pregnant woman we always recommend checking with your OBGYN before using any products with essential oils.
Can I apply TickWise to my cat?
NO! Cats lack an enzyme in their liver and can not break down essential oils. The oils then build up in their system and become toxic to the cat. The use of ANY product with essential oils is very dangerous for a cat.
I know I can’t use it on my cat but is it safe for the cat to be around the dog after the dog has been treated?
Absolutely! You can use it around cats, just not on them.
What is vanillin and where does it come from?
Vanillin is the same chemical make-up as vanilla except our vanillin is derived from wood pulp.
What type of glycerin is used in your product?
We only use palm derived glycerin.
I have alpha-gal meat allergy, can I use TickWise?
Yes, TickWise is vegan and was designed with alpha-gal in mind.
Can you spray TickWise on your clothes?
Yes! Spray your clothes or skin. We have never had any problems with clothes staining, although we recommend testing fragile fabrics like silk.
Does TickWise work on other biting insects, like chiggers, gnats, horse flies and beach flies?
Yes! We only have efficacy data for ticks and mosquitoes but we know from our own experience and from that of our customers that it works well against other bugs. We even know parents who use it with their kids at school to repel lice!
Should I use TickWise as my only tick prevention for my dog?
No, we do not suggest this. This is a short acting product and meant to be used on walks to discourage ticks from being attracted to your dog and then clinging to its coat. We suggest TickWise to be used with other tick preventative measures including, but not limited to, a tick collar, topical shoulder blade applications or oral medications given to you by prescription from your veterinarian.
What are the other inert ingredients?
All our inert ingredients (glycerin, vanillin, vinegar, and water) are natural and are also used to stabilize, preserve and hold the oils to the skin longer. Many of our competitors use yucky SLS’s and Parabens.
Is the product available in Canada?
Unfortunately, not at this time. We are working on our registration for selling in Canada but it’s a long process! We’ll let you know as soon as we do.