Join Us as a TickWise Champion

Mar 19 , 2024

Lisa-Jae Eggert

Join Us as a TickWise Champion


Hello and Welcome!

As TickWise advocates, we’re on a mission to spread the word about our all natural tick repellent. With tick-borne diseases on the rise, prevention is crucial, and that's where TickWise shines. We’re excited about building lasting connections and having our product reach as many people as possible. We are highly motivated to educate everyone we can to the dangers of tick-borne diseases, and to demonstrate the effectiveness of TickWise.

TickWise Demonstrative Aids

This video demonstrates TickWise effectiveness. Come take a look at how ticks react to TickWise repellent:

Our formula is safe for humans, dogs, and horses - protecting almost the entire family with the exception of cats. Cats should not be sprayed with TickWise.

See our recommended spraying techniques for dogs:

This video shares current Department of Defense tick related news:

Who are we? Come meet Lisa Jae and Kammy:

How We Can All Work Together

We are beyond grateful for any and all assistance you give us in getting the word out. Here are ways you can help us (listed in order of importance):

Share any TickWise content you create with us: Send your videos or images to

Write a Review: Let others know about your TickWise experience (photos and video welcomed):

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We’re happy to cheer you on as well by following you, so please keep us updated on your TickWise posts! We support those who support us.

So, if you love our product and share our vision, and want to collaborate, we are only an email away. Write us. Let’s brainstorm. Let's explore how we might best work together.

Our email:

Lastly, are you a store owner? Know a store owner you believe should carry our products? We have a wholesale website page listing our wholesale special offers and our contact details. Please share it or contact us yourself so we can make our own introductions.

Thank you for joining our fight against ticks and for helping keep families and pets safe. Let’s make a difference together!


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